Registration for 2024 is now CLOSED

Countdown to Show Day!

Day of Show Details

9:00 – Vehicle Gate Opens

11:00 – Gate Closes to Entrants

11:00 – Judging Begins BE BY YOUR CAR

3:00 – Awards

Registered participants were sent a RED ADMISSION POSTCARD in the mail after registration closed June 1st. DO NOT LOSE THE CARD because it serves as your proof of registration and will be displayed on your vehicle during the show. If your card did not arrive, please print your confirmation email from when you registered and bring that with you to the entry gate.  Any vehicles without their windshield card will be held aside until their registration information can be confirmed.

Your registration includes admission for you and one passenger ONLY if arriving in the registered show vehicle. If you do not bring your vehicle, you will need to purchase spectator tickets just like everyone else. 

If you are bringing more than one passenger, they must pre-purchase spectator tickets from   STAN HYWET and present them on arrival, before proceeding to the show field. We know this is an inconvenience but our partnership with Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens requires this. Please come through the entry gate and pull over to the brick wall so a volunteer can process your entry tickets for additional passengers. Once this is complete you can proceed to the show field.

By registering a vehicle for the show you have agreed to the following:

  • Entries are non-refundable unless show is cancelled.
  • $24 Display-Only, Special Feature, and Motorcycles are NOT judged for awards.
  • $29 Judged for Awards registrations will be judged and are required to have a fire extinguisher. Judged Vehicles without fire extinguishers will be disqualified from judging, and NO REFUND will be issued.
  • Your vehicle is a factory-correct, stock, unmodified vehicle that is at least 25 years old. NO REPLICAS, NO KIT CARS, NO MODIFIED VEHICLES, NO HOTRODS, NO CUSTOMS. NO AFTERMARKET WHEELS. 
  • Ineligible vehicles will NOT be permitted to enter. 
  • If an ineligible vehicle is discovered during judging, it will be disqualified. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.
  • Due to safety considerations, vehicles must stay on the show field until the awards ceremony is complete.
  • Stan Hywet reserves the right to cancel or postpone with show due to unsuitable field conditions or other public safety issues.
  • No tents or umbrellas are permitted to be placed around the cars.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted on Stan Hywet grounds due to licensing.
  • Your registration includes admission for driver and passenger ONLY if arriving in the registered show vehicle. 
  • Additional passengers are required to pre-purchase tickets from   STAN HYWET 

Trailer Parking

There is no trailer parking, unloading, or loading on site. We have free trailer parking available at Our Lady of the Elms Public school located at 1290 West Market Street just a few minutes away from the show. Please see the map below.

2024 Trophy Classes

Class 1 ~ CCCA Full Classics 1915 – 1936

Class 2 ~ Bentley & Rolls-Royce through 1999

Class 3 ~ Century Vehicles 1924 and Earlier

Class 4 ~ Ford Models T & A

Class 5 ~ Trucks, Commercial & Military

Class 6 ~ Corvettes, 1953 – 1967

Class 7 ~ Corvettes, 1968 – 1998

Class 8 ~ Chevrolet 1946 – 1998

Class 9 ~ Ford Thunderbird through 1997

Class 10 ~ Ford Mustang through 1999

Class 11 ~ Sports Cars through 1965

Class 12 ~ Sports Cars 1966 – 1975

Class 13 ~ Sports Cars 1976 – 1985

Class 14 ~ Sports Cars 1986 – 1999

Class 15 ~ Production 1925 – 1940

Class 16 ~ Production 1941 – 1955

Class 17 ~ Production 1956 – 1960

Class 18 ~ Production 1961 – 1965

Class 19 ~ Production 1966 – 1970

Class 20 ~ Production 1971 – 1975

Class 21 ~ Production 1976 – 1980

Class 22 ~ Production 1981 – 1990

Class 23 ~ Production 1991 – 1999

Class 24 ~ Production Stock Muscle Cars 1964 – 1972

Class 25a ~ Preservation – Unrestored Pre-War

Class 25b ~ Preservation – Unrestored Post-War through 70

Area Map

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens 

Show Spectators

ORCCCA only handles vehicle registrations.

 SPECTATORS MUST PRE-PURCHASE TICKETS directly from Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. Please use the button below to purchase tickets for spectators. 

If you arrive with extra passengers, please pull over after entering the gate so they can present their tickets before heading to the show field. 

Each year we open registration on January 1st. Registration remains open until June 1st or the show sells out… and it always sells out!
Without fail, every year, several people contact us after registration has closed and they are unable to participate. Don’t be one of them.

Sign up for email reminders and you will be notified regarding registration and other information leading up to the show.

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